Who is Screen Amigo?

We’ve all been there.

Some little stumble or butterfingers moment and whoops! Thwack.  Crack.


And there goes a couple hours of your day figuring out where and when to get your phone fixed…if you even bother.  Maybe you’ll just deal with your spiderwebbed screen indefinitely because it’s just TOO annoying.

In this day and age when our phones and mobile devices are practically an extension of our brains, breaking a screen or having a phone malfunction is more than just annoying.

It costs us.



At Screen Amigo Mobile iPhone Screen Repair, we know that you have more important things to do in your life than wait around for a high-priced fix at an Apple store.  And we want to be the best friend that your iDevice (and some androids) needs… just a phone call away.

Our mission at Screen Amigo Mobile iPhone Screen Repair is to deliver fast, friendly, and convenient service straight to your location so you can focus on the REAL things that matter to your life.  No more waiting in lines, dealing with the hassle of finding reliable service, or spending an arm and a leg on Apple prices.

We fix your phone.
And we look forward to serving you!

Your Screen Amigo,


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